Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Decline Of A Subculture Was Always Here...We Just never Looked.

I am here right now, alone. I am looking at old clothing, old jewelry, Old jackets and old shoes that has given me years of travel....hell of a lot more trips and memories than that expiedia gnome that for some reason stopped in our house and never left....note to self, charge rent.

When I was in my 20's there was an under belly of all life. It was that underbelly that I loved, the places you could go at 2am to be left alone and nobody would judge or ask quesitons, you just came in, paid 5 bucks for a small time to rest or breathe, hell just to see whats in the know of the area. Everything has changed.

Nothing is the same as it was, I can accpet that its just the age of growing up, however something seems off. Its like the door to the entrance is there, but behind the door now is a fat guy with an ipad instead of a prepaid cell phone and a dirty jacket.

We as consumers and as a nation, we let the rich command our ways. We allowed the world to take our own subculture and willingly slap it on a plastic lunch box just for an extra fifty cents paycheck. The days of anything are now just a memory, like going to the circus for The Flying Vladamir Trio. Tonight they are working without a net.

The sad thing is that our Americna Dreamers have woken up and decided not to back to sleep. I do not need to know what would have happened if the nazis won, We are living in it now. Every thing from the automated voices on the subway telling you where you are, or suggesting where to go all the way to what is on tv. Hunter Thompson was right, We are living in the Fourth Reich...and they are not embarassed to admit it. Subculture has become cul-true. Edginess has become The Edge and U2 is making ipods.

Our country has hit the same era as Rome did. Its going to fall, and nobody will pick up the pieces. Moral is low and wars are being fought for mindless reasons, but CNN tell you there is a reason. "The War continues on," They say with sadness in their voices. The People ask, " Will there ever be an end in sight?" Right when you want to hear the truth to a straight question, they flash a car commercial buying some new hot rod that works on solar and electricity that will make you the former subculture feel better about yourself for burning all of that hairspray to make your rats nest hair style in the late 90's and new melenium. From eyeliner to botox and from not caring about anything to becoming the next politcal activist from the suburbs.

The Decline Of A Subculture Was Always Here...We Just never Looked.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Live Journal v2.0

Hello Box of my typing that is created on a Linux Machine.

How are you today? I hope the Electric Sheep made you dream well. I am glad to see that you have not decided to explode or have an OS nervous breakdown like you used to when you were a Vista system. Yes, I know the Vista disk is over there and no it is not meant to be used as a scare tactic of the kind. Think of it more as a way of remembrance for who we once were.

You know what I am talkin about, The simple easy structure of life. Buy The OS, install the games, get the reccomended software and sit back on your arse sucking down massive ammounts of red bull and munching on Doritos while getting to level ten. Occasionally watching the safe and easy conglomo safe web pages that give you the news in a filtered level of digital censorship while you get ready and dressed for you work day that you can not stomach while being stuck in a situation that reminds you of a mix between Cinderella and The Twilight Zone.

Well that was 2 years ago Oh machine of mine I ripped off from Dell. Now we are somewhere else, somewhere where we are wanted. A better place, new family and new life. A happier place of no more moments of doubt, a little less of that whole splice together a false happiness for a moment in time.

The World is much happier now...lets see what The Jackson family can find in it..... one moment at a time.